My Character

The My Character Feasibility Study ran from May 2011 to April 2014 involving over 1,000 young people throughout the country. While the My Character research has now concluded, the resources are available to schools for free. The aim of the project was to develop a better understanding of how interventions designed to develop character might enhance moral formation and future-mindedness in young people.  You can start using the resources below and read the research report here.

Using the My Character eResources

While the My Character trial has now closed, the journal resources are freely available for schools to use. The journal resources, developed in collaboration with young people and education professionals, encourage young people to think about who they are as well as who they want to become.  Focusing on 8 character traits, the materials contain activities, quotes, biographies of inspirational people and actions that the young people can use to help develop their character.  The aim is to guide and stimulate self-reflection in young people in the belief that this will encourage them to discuss goals, strategies, and performance, helping them to become more accomplished and successful adults.  The 8 character traits explored are:
 Having a Dream  Having Courage
 Being Patient  Saving for the Future
 Working in Teams  Helping Others
 Being Creative  Being Determined

The My Character eResources

The My Character eResources are a set of 10 downloadable resources which guide students and teachers through activities and reflections based on the character traits. Each eResource can be used on its own to focus on one particular character trait, or as part of a full series including an introduction and a review. To download the My Character eResources click the icons below. For more information on how to use the My Character eResources please contact us at

To download the My Character eResources please click on the icons below.

This section contains additional resources intended to give further background to the My Character project: The resources include; student reflections, extended case studies written by teachers as well as academic pieces, examining how the My Character project impacts on the arena of Character Education.

PDF fileOn the Role of New Technology in Character EducationDon Rowe2014Download

PDF file

On the Role of Personal Reflection in Character EducationDon Rowe 2014



PDF file

On the Role of Future-Mindedness in Character EducationDon Rowe 2014Download

PDF file

 Case Study: Queen Elizabeth Grammar SchoolMatt Bawden 2014Download

PDF file

 Case Study: Meadowhead SchoolDavid Timms 2014Download

PDF file

 Case Study: Stockport SchoolJon Modral 2014Download

PDF file

 Framework for Character EducationThe Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues 2013Download

In addition to this there are a number of short films as well as a documentary examining the development of My Character and the importance of the My Character strengths.