Character Education


Summer Activities

These summer themed sets of activities, Character Matters: Summer Activities and Character Matters: Summer of Sport were developed in 2021 by the Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues to support parents, carers, and guardians of primarily key stage two aged pupils, but can be adapted for children of all ages.

Within the two packs, which can be downloaded via the links below, you will find 15 ambitious but achievable activities which promote a range of positive virtue traits, drawn from the Jubilee Centre’s A Framework for Character Education in Schools. For the Summer Activities set, a printer friendly worksheet is provided which includes versions of the packs illustrations that can be coloured in as each activity is completed as well as an area for reflection.

These sets also recognise the unique learning experiences most pupils will have had since March 2020, with schools responding to the pandemic and returning from lockdowns. With that in mind, it draws inspiration from the Centre’s research into effective character education pedagogies and youth social action, as well as the Statement on Character and the Pandemic. This Statement emphasises the importance of re-engaging with community, as well as celebrating the role of service and adventure in good character education.

To accompany the launch of these activity packs, the Centre shared a piece on the Social Sciences Birmingham platform titled, School’s Out! But character still matters, which highlighted the importance of resources such as these to support families as they encourage their children’s continued moral development over the school holidays.

We hope you enjoy completing these activities and please do share with us the end result via our twitter account, @Jubileecentre1 or directly to