Dr. Scott Parsons guests on latest episode of Conversations on Character 

26th July 2021Podcast

In the latest episode of Conversations on Character, the Jubilee Centre Podcast, host Dr. Tom Harrison welcomes Dr. Scott Parsons, Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Ethics and Character Development Integrator for the Military Program at the United States Military Academy at West Point.

A retired US Army Military Intelligence Officer, who was deployed on three tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan and rose the rank of Major, Scott has recently completed his PhD with the Centre looking at Aristotelian virtues as a basis for improving character in the United States Army. In this episode he discusses this research, the application moral reasoning during his 21 years of  military service, his own journey of understanding with character education and how he consolidates this insight in to the education of the next generation of cadets and future military leaders.

Listen now here.

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