Jubilee Centre Launches First ‘Framework in Action’ Project

20th September 2022Schools

A new training tool has been developed,  in partnership between Colmore Junior School and The Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues, which supports new teachers to understand the importance of character and how to teach it to their pupils.

Character education is a term used to describe the teaching of good character. It focusses on intellectual, moral, performance, and civic virtues, helping pupils to be more reflective and become better citizens. Character Education has become an increasingly important concept for teachers to understand and apply.

The Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues have funded several national projects in 2022, led by schools with a rich understanding of character to support teachers across the country to embed the teaching of character outlined in the Centre’s Framework into their practice.

The first tool to launch is a portal developed by Colmore Junior School. The portal provides online training to teacher trainees and early-career teachers.

Head of School at Colmore Junior School, Tony Bradshaw said,

'Character education has been an important part of our curriculum for a long time, and we see tremendous value in equipping other schools to prioritise it too.

Our partnership with the Jubilee Centre has been really positive and we really hope this training tool is a useful resource for others in the teaching profession.'

Centre Director, Professor James Arthur said:

“Schools have always been at the heart of bringing our Framework to life. This central pillar draws together all of our globally impactful research, insight in to effective pedagogy, and the knowledge of our international network of partners to offer teachers the very best foundation from which flourish.

This new portal will be an invaluable tool in developing best practice with teachers new to the profession. Good education is good character education, and with support such as this we have no doubt this can become the norm for pupils across the country.”

It is hoped that the portal will support trainee teachers and those in the early stages of their career to better understand the benefits of character education to their students and how they can develop their own teaching practice.


About the Colmore Character Education Portal 

The Character Education Portal has been developed to support Initial Teacher Trainees and Early Career Teachers. It was created by Colmore Junior School and funded by The Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues. Find out more: www.colmoreceportal.com

For more information about this news release, please contact enquiry@colmorej.co.uk or jubileecentre@contacts.bham.ac.uk



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