Jubilee Centre’s Fifth ‘Framework in Action’ Project Launched

17th January 2023Schools Character

The Jubilee Centre has partnered with five schools to showcase how the award winning Framework for Character Education in Schools has been used as a source of inspiration in a school setting. Northampton Academy has designed a Student Character Digital Passport, which is also available as an online app, to support students to reflect on their own character and to track their character development through leadership and enrichment opportunities.

Director of Character at Northampton Academy, Carlington Anderson, said, ‘The character programme at Northampton deliberately exposes students to the ‘taught and caught’ aspect of character education. We wanted our students to have more autonomy in their character development so we introduced them; with the guidance of their teachers to the sought aspect of character so that over time as they mature, sought will become more operational. By doing so, we hope it will spark and fuel their desire to continue to discern and freely pursue how their own character is to be formed.’

Find out more about the project here.

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