More Than 700 Delegates Register for Jubilee Centre Webinars

31st March 2021Events

Over 700 delegates registered for the first three Jubilee Centre webinars this year, with delegates attending from around the world.


These sessions have sought to offer insight, practical advice and accessible guidance on matters related to character in schools and in professional training, as well as answering questions on the delivery of effective character education and virtue development.

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‘Leading Character Education in Primary Schools’ learned from three character educators (Megan Robinson, Elvetham Heath Primary School; Robin Venn, Colmore Junior School; and Evan Hollows, Eastbrook Primary School) who shared their own experience of leading a school of character and the lessons they have learned on their journeys.

Teaching Character Through the Arts considered the practical ways in which character can be developed through arts-based subjects. Rebecca Tigue (University of Birmingham School) and Dr Karen Bohlin (Montrose School, MA, USA) spoke about the place of character within the creative arts and how each school uses the arts to develop the character of pupils. The webinar also included reflections from Jubilee Centre colleagues Catherine O’Leary and Paul Watts on practical teaching resources and pedagogical approaches to engaging pupils.

Preparing Teachers & Nurses for Virtuous Practice reflected on the training and development of these two vocational roles. Speakers Julie Taylor (Centre for Teacher Education, University of Warwick) and Lorna Hollowood (School of Nursing, University of Birmingham) shared how they have used their programmes to prioritise character development as they seek to help their students prepare to thrive in the workplace.

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