New Character Matters Christmas Activity Set

15th November 2021Parents

New for 2021 the Jubilee Centre's Character Matters: Christmas Activities resource pack presents nine activities for parents, carers and guardians to enjoy with their children, offering opportunities for character development outside of the classroom during the festive season.

The activities focus on community, adapting everyday festive ideas and traditions, both old and new, to allow everyone to consider their character and the virtues that define who they are.

Developed particularly for those in Key Stage Two (aged 7 – 11), these activities can also be adapted for children of all ages, no matter how you choose to celebrate.

Additionally, the Centre has added to its collection of Christmas Advert Activities reflecting on the important messages they contain, how these can inspire us all to think more about others during the festive period and to put those virtues into action. Free to all, both these activities can be found here.

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