New Insight Series Paper: ‘Character and Ofsted’

16th April 2021Publications

Research Fellow Catherine O'Leary and Director of Strategic Initiatives Aidan Thompson have authored a new paper for the Centre’s Insight Series titled, 'Character and Ofsted: Considering the New Inspection Framework in Practice in 105 London School Reports'. The paper builds upon an earlier piece of research, available here, conducted by the same authors in January which focussed on how the new Ofsted Education Inspection Framework had been applied during the inspections of 60 Birmingham schools. This paper presents findings from the second phase of research which focusses on the application of the Inspection Framework during inspections of London schools in order to explore and compare what impact the new Inspection Framework is having in a second U.K. city. The main finding discussed within the paper is how the language of character and virtues was prevalent in the majority of reports read by the researchers. The full paper is available to view here.

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