Professor Tom Harrison and Dr. Shane McLoughlin Present at CIPD Annual Conference

Professor Tom Harrison and Dr. Shane McLoughlin gave a presentation on character and professional ethics at the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development’s (CIPD) annual conference in Manchester.  The CIPD is a globally recognised professional body for HR and people development. This conference was attended by approximately 5,000 industry professionals. During the conference, Professor Harrison and Dr. Mcloughlin engaged delegates on some of the centre’s more recent work which focuses on Professional Ethics, all of which is available online:

  1. Framework for Virtue-Based Professional Ethics – Published on the back of eleven years of study in the professions, the framework intends to be used for discussion, contributing to the creation of ethical codes of practice, and informing professional education programmes.
  2. The Professional Ethics online CPD course – This course focusses on cultivating virtues such as integrity, courage, and temperance in the professional sphere. By building the course around Phronesis (practical wisdom), the course enables professionals to navigate ethical complexities in their fields.
  3. Building Your Best Life: A Workbook for Character and Career Development – This workbook uses character strengths as a guide to help individuals make informed career decision that lead to a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

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