NewsWise in Primary Education: News Literacy and Civic Engagement

Project Funder: The Nuffield Foundation Project Overview This project was an investigation of news literacy and civic engagement in 9-11-year-olds in the UK. It also included an evaluation of the impact of NewsWise, a news and digital literacy programme. This project was undertaken in collaboration with NewsWise, The Guardian Foundation, the National Literacy Trust and […]

Civic Virtues Through Service to Others

Educating for Civic Virtues: School Leader Perspectives

Project Overview The Civic Virtues Through Service to Others project draws from and extends the Centre’s work to date on civic virtue, service and youth social action. Using service as a prism for exploring civic virtues in young people’s lives the project examines the meaning of civic virtue in contemporary public life and education in the UK. […]

Torchbearers of Liberty

Torchbearers of Liberty: An Evaluation of Education Interventions Aimed to Teach Liberty and Its Pillar Virtues

Project Overview This report was published by the Jubilee Centre, in partnership with the National Liberty Museum (NLM), and was launched at the National Liberty Museum in Philadelphia on 15th February 2016. The report presents the findings from the collaborative Torchbearers of Liberty project, and makes recommendations based on the research. The aim of the […]

A Habit of Service

A Habit of Service: The Factors that Sustain Service in Young People

Project Overview The A Habit of Service project was launched on 22nd November 2017 at the Tower of London by Dame Julia Cleverdon, Co-founder of Step up to Serve  and Michael Lynas, CEO of National Citizen Service. The project is the largest known study of its kind and reports on evidence gathered from over 4,500 16-20 year olds […]

Character Through Youth Social Action

Building Character Through Youth Social Action

Project Overview The Building Character Through Youth Social Action report presents findings from research carried out with youth social action providers and young people between March and December 2014. This research was conducted in collaboration with Step Up To Serve, a small charity that coordinates the #iwill campaign to make participation in meaningful social action the norm […]