NewsWise in Primary Education: News Literacy and Civic Engagement

Project Funder: The Nuffield Foundation Project Overview This project was an investigation of news literacy and civic engagement in 9-11-year-olds in the UK. It also included an evaluation of the impact of NewsWise, a news and digital literacy programme. This project was undertaken in collaboration with NewsWise, The Guardian Foundation, the National Literacy Trust and […]

The Good Teacher

The Good Teacher: Understanding Virtues in Practice

Project Overview The Good Teacher report was launched by The Right Honourable The Baroness Morris of Yardley on Friday 27th February 2015 at the City of Birmingham Council House. This report describes research that focused on virtues and character in teaching.  The research explored the virtues that the good teacher might need and the role […]

Cultivating Cyber-Phronesis

Project Overview Cultivating Cyber-Phronesis research project builds on the Jubilee Centre’s work on phronesis in ways that apply specifically to the online world. We live in an age in which the Internet, which has become so ubiquitous, presents not only a range of opportunities but also a number of risks, from issues of privacy to cyberbullying and online abuse. This […]

Virtues in Career Decision Making

Project Overview Building Your Best Life: A Workbook for Character and Career Development Foreword written by Prof AC Grayling, and Afterword by National Careers Service, West Midlands. In this workbook, you will embark on a journey of self-discovery and career exploration, using your character strengths as your guide. The workbook is free for anyone to […]

Character Education Pedagogies: What works, where and why?

Project Overview The Character Education Pedagogies research project began in January 2021 and reviewed the Centre’s existing character education resources and research data with a particular focus on what pedagogical approaches were used. This analysis enabled the research team to produce a comprehensive database of pedagogical approaches for character education that included both caught, taught and sought strategies. The […]


Project Overview The Psychological Development of Character: Emotion, Identity and Phronesis project aimed to investigate the factors that motivate moral action in adolescents. Specifically, the project focussed on the ‘gappiness problem’; addressing what bridges the gap between virtue literacy (knowledge of virtues) and virtuous moral action (acting in a virtuous way). Existing theories of moral action suggest […]

Civic Virtues Through Service to Others

Educating for Civic Virtues: School Leader Perspectives

Project Overview The Civic Virtues Through Service to Others project draws from and extends the Centre’s work to date on civic virtue, service and youth social action. Using service as a prism for exploring civic virtues in young people’s lives the project examines the meaning of civic virtue in contemporary public life and education in the UK. […]

Virtues in Policing

Project Overview The Character Virtues in Policing research report was published on 15th September 2021. Drawing on insights from mixed-method research with pre- and in-service police officers from forces and universities throughout the U.K. The project aimed to understand the moral character that sits behind the human agency, rather than solely concentrating upon the structure and culture […]

Thank You Film Awards

An Exploration of Gratitude in the Thank You Film Awards

Project Overview This project explored what young people are grateful for, who young people are grateful to and their understanding of gratitude. Young people between the ages of 5 and 16, predominantly in schools and youth organisations across the UK, were asked to create a short film to say thank you to a person, organisation or […]

Torchbearers of Liberty

Torchbearers of Liberty: An Evaluation of Education Interventions Aimed to Teach Liberty and Its Pillar Virtues

Project Overview This report was published by the Jubilee Centre, in partnership with the National Liberty Museum (NLM), and was launched at the National Liberty Museum in Philadelphia on 15th February 2016. The report presents the findings from the collaborative Torchbearers of Liberty project, and makes recommendations based on the research. The aim of the […]