Spotlight On: Dame Julia Cleverdon DVCO CBE

15th July 2022Character Education

Continuing the Centre’s ‘Spotlight On’ feature, this month’s piece focusses on Dame Julia Cleverdon DCVO CBE, Co-Founder of Step up to Serve and one of the country’s most prominent leaders in the charity sector.

Dame Julia has been a key collaborator with the Centre since its earliest years, most notably in her role as Co-Founder of Step Up to Serve. Throughout the campaign's existence, the Centre worked in close partnership with Dame Julia and the wider campaign as the lead academic partner, aiming to increase the number of young people participating in social action.

In recognition of her contribution to character education and social action, Dame Julia was made an Honorary Senior Research Fellow of the Jubilee Centre in 2018 and has continued to collaborate with the Centre on a regular basis since.

The full Spotlight piece is available to view here.

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