University of Birmingham School – First Cohort Event and Brochures

30th June 2022Events Character Education

The University of Birmingham school celebrated the graduation of its first students to pass through all 7 years of the school. 

The Jubilee Centre has supported the University of Birmingham School since its foundation in 2015. Together, along with the school and the university, the centre hosted a celebration for the class of 2015. 55 of the original cohort who have gone through all years of schooling were graduating. Their testimonies regarding their time in school and their journey with character were collated and captured in two publications—a brochure featuring an extract from each of their accounts and a brochure featuring 8 students’ full testimonies.

The event, on Thursday 30th June, was attended by Professor James Arthur, Aidan Thompson and Joe McDowell along with supporters of the school, former students, teachers and the class of 2015 themselves. Attendees heard from the students, about how the school and character education have shaped them and their futures, as well as being treated to musical performances by students throughout.

Principal Colin Townsend and Head of School leading on character education Rebecca Tigue, the centre’s first Ambassador of Character, presented the opening and closing remarks of the evening. These celebrations build on the ongoing relationship between the University of Birmingham School and Jubilee Centre, more information about the Centre’s relationship with the school can be found here.

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