Liz Gulliford Presents at ECPP

ECPP Story Thumbnail 07/24

The eleventh European Conference on Positive Psychology (ECPP) took place in Innsbruck between 10th and 13th July 2024. On 12th July, Dr Liz Gulliford, Associate Professor in the Jubilee Centre, presented a paper ‘Potentiating allied Character Strengths’, testing the theory that two virtues linked by a common core of benevolence (gratitude and compassion) mutually reinforce […]

Michael Fullard Delivers Online Sessions to Two of the UK’s Largest Multi–Academy Trusts

MF Presentation Thumbnail July 2024

During July, Assistant Professor Michael Fullard provided online sessions to school leaders and personal development leads from two of the UK’s largest Multi–Academy Trusts (MATs) – United Learning (90+ schools) and Ark Schools (35+ schools). Within these sessions, Michael introduced character education and provided practical examples of the work of the Jubilee Centre. The Jubilee […]

Jubilee Centre Co-hosts 2nd Annual ECVA Conference

ECVA Conference 2024

The Jubilee Centre helped organise and co-host the second European Character Virtues Association (ECVA) conference on the 26-28th June. The conference was held at the European University of Rome in partnership with the Aretai Centre. Over 100 delegates from across Europe and beyond attended the conference to discuss how character education research and practice might […]

Dr Liz Gulliford visits Universidad Francisco de Vitoria, Madrid

At the end of May, Dr Liz Gulliford visited Universidad Francisco de Vitoria, Madrid, delivering a lecture on ‘Artificial Intelligence and Phronesis’. Liz also enjoyed engaging with students from across the university, and with staff from the Faculty of Education and Psychology. This dialogue with the Faculty about character research aimed to contribute to UFV’s […]

Director Gives Presentation on Character and AI in Barcelona

On 13th and 14th June Centre Director Professor Tom Harrison gave a presentation on character, values, and Artificial Intelligence at the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya in Barcelona. The presentation focussed on how character educators might respond to the emergence of Gen AI and which moral, intellectual and civic virtues young citizens should cultivate to use  AI […]

The Jubilee Centre and ACE Host SEND Conference

On Wednesday 12th June, Dr Shane McLoughlin, Michael Fullard and Rachael Bushby from the Jubilee Centre, and Tom Haigh, CEO of the Association for Character Education, welcomed a range of expert delegates to a seminar to discuss the intersections between character education and SEND education. The purpose of the event was to bring the big […]

Equipping Birmingham to Become a City of Character Conference

On Tuesday 11th June Centre members Professor Andrew Peterson, Michael Fullard and Dr Shane McLoughin presented at the Equipping Birmingham to Become a City of Character conference hosted by Birmingham Education Partnership (BEP) and University College Birmingham. The conference, for school leaders and teachers, sought to discuss and debate the place of character education in […]

Centre Commences New Project Exploring Education for Democratic Virtues in Europe

Amid concerns about the health of democracies in Europe, and indeed about European democracy, a new Centre project, led by Deputy Director Professor Andrew Peterson, will examine how democratic virtues feature in various forms of civic education in Europe and how democratic virtues can be strengthened through education. The study will produce literature reviews and […]

Conferences and Events 2024

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