Centre Launches CPD Course: Practical Wisdom in Professional Practice

16th June 2023Ethics

The Jubilee Centre is delighted to announce the launch of a free Continuing Professional Development (CPD) course, Practical Wisdom in Professional Practice. This CPD complements the Centre’s Framework for Virtue-Based Professional Ethics and focusses on cultivating virtues such as integrity, courage, and temperance in the professional sphere.

Practical Wisdom in Professional Practice is designed to be flexible, allowing those who enrol to integrate it into their existing courses, provide professional development opportunities to their employees, or drive organisational transformation. Whatever role the user undertakes, the course aims to empower them to navigate ethical dilemmas with confidence, make wise decisions, and contribute to the positive growth and impact of the professional community. 

Central to this course is phronesis, or practical wisdom, enabling professionals to navigate ethical complexities in their fields. The launch underscores the Centre’s commitment to enhancing the moral dimension of professional practice and making high-quality ethics education accessible. The course is available here for all interested professionals. 

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