Centre Shares Findings of Character Education Parent Poll

15th June 2023Character Education

2023 Character Education Parent Poll Results Published   The Jubilee Centre commissioned a poll, undertaken by Yonder Consulting, to understand UK parents’ perceptions of character education. The poll received 606 responses in May 2023. The findings offer insight into parents’ perceptions of the: influences on their children’s character development, the role of teachers in character development, and the importance of planned and intentional approaches to character education in schools. The findings build on some of the Centre’s previous research, including the Parent-Teacher Partnerships project and the 2013 Parent Survey.   The 2023 poll revealed that the majority of parents (90%) believe that parents/carers influence the character development of their children, and that teachers (85%) and peers/friends (75%) are also influential in this regard. The majority also agreed that a planned and intentional approach to character education was important in schools (83%), with the highest proportions of parents who agreed coming from Scotland (95%), London (94%) and the South East (89%). In addition, if forced to choose, the majority of parents surveyed (66%) prioritise the development of ‘good character’ over ‘academic attainment’ in school.   An executive summary of the 2023 poll can be found here

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