Reading Resources

Reading stories is a wonderful way to discuss virtues with your children. The characters in books can be used as role models to demonstrate character and virtue, while also prompting discussions about similar situations which have happened in your children’s lives at school or at home. They can therefore be used as an excellent starting point to discuss how to act in different situations while also teaching children about what virtues are and how they can be enacted.

Some popular children’s books which reflect some of the virtues included in the Centre’s  A Framework for Character Education in Schools have been highlighted below. For each book one or two virtues which are reflected in the book are highlighted to act as a starting point for you to discuss virtue and character with your children. Each month there will be a focus on two different virtues and more books will be added in due course.

Importantly, you may find that each book incorporates and demonstrates many more virtues than the ones highlighted here and it is hoped that through using the bookmark, the virtue sticker chart, the question dice and/ or the reading journal, you will be able to use books as a tool to discuss and encourage multiple virtues.




















We would love to know whether you have used any of the books listed here and whether there are other books you have used to talk about virtues with your children. Please comment on our Facebook and Twitter pages with your thoughts and recommendations, using the twitter handle @jubileecentre1 or #virtuousreading.