Director Attends Service with King Charles III

15th June 2023Character Education

Buckingham Palace invited Professor James Arthur to attend a Royal Service of Thanksgiving in the Queens’s Chapel, St James’s Palace with King Charles III and the President of Portugal to commemorate the Anniversary of the 650th Anglo-Portuguese Alliance. Professor Arthur attended on 15th June 2023 in recognition of the impact of the Jubilee Centre’s work in Portugal. The gathering was limited to a small number of guests.  It was planned, organised, and brilliantly executed  by Dr Maria Joao Rodrigues de Araujo, President of Portugal-UK 650.   Portugal-UK 650 are the commemorations of the 650th anniversary of the Anglo-Portuguese Alliance, the oldest diplomatic alliance in the world still in force.  The alliance was formally constituted by the Treaty of Peace, Friendship and Alliance, sealed in London, on 16th of June 1373, by King Edward III of England and King Fernando of Portugal. Throughout the commemorations, Portugal-UK 650 aimed to contribute to a better world by promoting, especially among the younger generations, the foundational virtues of the Treaty of Alliance : the virtues of peace, friendship, truth, faithfulness, constancy, sincerity, kindness, and solidarity. The Jubilee Centre used these foundational virtues to produce teaching materials for Portuguese schools that can be viewed here

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