‘Equipping Birmingham to Become a City of Character’ Conference

The Jubilee Centre has been working with Birmingham Education Partnership (BEP) and University College Birmingham (UCB) to curate ‘Equipping Birmingham to Become a City of Character’, a conference for school leaders that seeks to discuss and debate the place of character education in schools in Birmingham and showcase the benefits of developing a rich character provision for staff and students. Jubilee Centre deputy director Professor Andrew Peterson will give a keynote address on ‘what is character?’, and Jubilee Centre Assistant Professors Shane McLoughlin and Michael Fullard will run practical workshops on aspects of character in schools. The conference is run in partnership with the Association for Character Education (ACE) and brings together a number of Birmingham- and West Midlands-based affiliates of the Centre that have helped champion character.

The conference will take place on 11 June (0900-1430) and includes lunch in the College of Food. Registration is £50. Please register here.

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