New Insight Series Papers Published


Professor Randy Curren and Professor Laura Elenbaas, both of the University of Rochester, recently authored the paper ‘Civic Friendship‘ for the Centre’s Insight Series. The paper discusses the relevance of Aristotle’s teachings on the importance of civic friendship, the psychological origins of civic friendship and how to cultivate environments that foster civic friendship.

Rebecca Thompson-Lea has written the paper ‘Solicitors of Satisfactory Character and Suitability‘ as part of the Insight Series. As a solicitor and in-house counsel, Thompson-Lea discusses the significance of character for those practising law, going on to compare and contrast the standards of character and suitability used by the Solicitors Regulation Authority to assess solicitors practising in England and Wales with the presentation of lawyers in popular film and television. The Curren and Elenbaas paper is available to view here, and the Thompson-Lea paper is online here.

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