New Poll Shows Public Value Care For Life and Compassion In Others in Covid-19 Pandemic

Polling undertaken by Populus for the Jubilee Centre has found that the UK public value the short-term care for life during the current coronavirus crisis ahead of protecting the longer-term economic prosperity of the country. A poll of 2,093 adults in the UK found that 55% agreed that the health of today’s older generations is more important than long term economic prosperity of future generations, and only 8% disagreed. The poll also found that people value care and compassion in others (68%), in leaders and senior politicians (44%), and as a character virtue that is important to wellbeing (25%) at this time. A press release and link to the poll data can be found online.

Centre Director Prof. James Arthur wrote a piece for The Conversation under the headline ‘Coronavirus: polling shows British public values compassion over economic stability‘ and had over 6,000 page views in the first week after publication.



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