Framework for Virtue-Based Professional Ethics

Project Overview

This Framework offers a virtue-based approach to professional ethics. It is intended to initiate discussion, contribute to the creation of codes of ethics, facilitate excellence in professional decision-making, and inform professional education programmes.

A virtue-based approach to professional ethics emphasises the role of practical wisdom (phronesis) in the ethical decision-making of professionals. It focuses on virtuous leadership and the creation of virtuous communities of people. It also prioritises the notion of the development of the professional person as intrinsically constitutive of, rather than merely instrumentally connected to, the creation of true professionalism. In other words, to be a professional is to be a person with a distinctive set of character strengths as well as an expertise.

The Framework was discussed at a consultation held at Ditchley Park on 9-10 May 2023, with a group of experts from across professions and education and career stages.

Download the Framework by clicking the image below.