The Jubilee Centre and ACE Host SEND Conference

On Wednesday 12th June, Dr Shane McLoughlin, Michael Fullard and Rachael Bushby from the Jubilee Centre, and Tom Haigh, CEO of the Association for Character Education, welcomed a range of expert delegates to a seminar to discuss the intersections between character education and SEND education. The purpose of the event was to bring the big questions to the table to establish what’s next for research in this area. Through ongoing discussion with the attendees, the Centre plans to produce a summary publication outlining the key areas for future research.

The seminar and publication are just the beginning of the conversation, and the Centre is looking forward to facilitating further work to address how young people with SEND can be fully involved and included in approaches to character education adopted in both mainstream and specialist provision. With special thanks to Jacqueline Perrin and Anna Pilson for their presentations and to Mel Keating, Josie Jeffries, Louise Jones, Kelly Poulton, Christine Mukasa, Sylwia Kapadia for attending and contributing their knowledge and experience.

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