Windows Into Schools: Celebrating Character

There are many windows through which one can look into schools; attainment, behaviour, and numerous other indicators of performance are frequently used as windows through which schools are viewed, measured and compared. Windows Into Schools: Celebrating Character seeks to showcase the different ways in which schools can embed meaningful and planned approaches to character education. The Jubilee Centre has worked with each of the eight featured schools in supporting and profiling character education provision. The schools, and the teachers who work in them, have provided valuable contributions to Leading Character Education in Schools, which is designed to support schools in developing their staff to become leaders in character education. As part of the programme, interviews with teachers and short films provide authentic insights into why each school places an emphasis on character in its ethos, and how it went about developing its unique approach to cultivating character. This brochure is intended to support Leading Character Education in Schools and showcase the ways in which all schools can enhance their character education provision. This brochure celebrates the ways in which these schools have sought opportunities to develop the character of their students, and provides windows through which other schools, leaders, and teachers can take inspiration for themselves. It can be viewed here.


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