Character Education


Read Grow Go

Read Grow Go is a programme of study developed for pupils in Key Stage One (5-7 year olds). Each lesson uses a story as a stimulus to teach a different character virtue, focussing on: compassion, honesty, curiosity, independence, teamwork, perseverance, community awareness and service. The lessons provide teachers with resources, practical activities and questions that promote class discussion and individual reflection. Each lesson follows a structured approach which is summarised below:

READ – A story is shared with the pupils who are challenged to work out what the virtue in focus is.

GROW – Class discussion and reflection followed by a pupil activity to reinforce the virtue.

GO – Pupils are encouraged to apply the character virtue to their own lives.

The programme is flexible, and lessons can be taught at any time in the academic year and in any order. It is recommended that all of the lessons are taught, so that pupils have the opportunity to learn about each of the virtues covered in the programme. This should also help to develop a wider appreciation of different virtues amongst pupils.

The resources for each lesson are available for you to start using below. They include a Lesson Plan, Pupil Activity, PowerPoint and One Wonderful Word resource card. You can download the whole pack for each lesson by clicking on the relevant virtue button below.  



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