Since its launch in 2012, the Jubilee Centre has produced a number of short films and documentaries on the subject of character and virtues which have supplemented the work that the Centre has carried out. These include A Question of Charactera documentary which explores the place of character and virtues in the education of young people today, and society at large.

All Centre films are available to view on the Jubilee Centre’s YouTube Channel.

Getting Into Character (2018)

What is character? How do actors ‘get into character’? This video presents how we can learn about character from all of the stories that we watch, read and hear on film, tv, in books and songs every day. 

(4m 38s)

Flourishing From the Margins (2017)

Capturing the voices of both marginalised young people and tutors working in non-mainstream education provision, this film forms part of the Flourishing From the Margins research project

(8m 16s)

What Wouldn’t Take for Society to Truly Flourish? (2017)

This short animated film introduces the Centre’s approach to character and virtues in society and asks the question ‘What would it take for society to truly flourish?’

(3m 04s)