Rachael Bushby

Rachael is a Research Fellow in the Jubilee Centre and part of the Global Innovations for Character Development Platform Team which offers capacity building activities to programmes funded by the Templeton World Charity Foundation. Rachael also worked on the Outstanding Schools publication launched in March 2023 and supports with a current Nuffield Foundation research project looking into news, digital literacy and civic engagement. Rachael is also co-founder of Dragonfly: Impact Education Ltd, an organisation that supports mental health and wellbeing in UK schools and specifically trains senior mental health leads and helps to develop whole-school approaches to wellbeing. With 15 years experience as a teacher, Rachael has led the development of the social and emotional aspects of learning in schools and has also collaborated on whole school development in terms of research approaches. Rachael has trained teachers nationwide in First Aid for Mental Health and Safeguarding plus delivers training in various contexts about how to support mental health and wellbeing.
Rachael aims to contribute further to knowledge of how professionals who lead on mental health and wellbeing in schools can best support children and young people to live flourishing lives through the development of character strengths and virtues.

Contact Details
  • Email: r.bushby@bham.ac.uk
  • Location: Room 1246, 12th Floor (West) Muirhead Tower, University of Birmingham
  • QTS (GTP) in Secondary English, University of Derby, 2007
  • Postgraduate Certificate in History, Film and Television, University of Birmingham, 2004
  • BA Medieval History and English,University of Birmingham, 2001