University of Birmingham School

The University of Birmingham School was established in 2015 to create a learning environment in which character development is as important as academic success. 

In 2022, the first cohort of University of Birmingham School students to go through all years of teaching graduated. A celebratory event was attended by Jubilee Centre staff and brochures were created showcasing the testimonies of the Class of 2015. The testimonies are free to download below. 

The virtual exhibition below celebrates the first five years of the UoB School and the role played by the University and the Jubilee Centre in developing a unique school of character. 

Compiled with testimony from academic colleagues, teachers, pupils (both past and present), governors and partners of the School, the exhibition below offers a unique insight in to the inspiration, founding, day-to-day life and aspirations of what remains the only university-supported academy in the country and the most oversubscribed school in the city.

Rebecca Tigue, Character Ambassador

Rebecca Tigue, previous Head of School at the University of Birmingham School, has been recognised by the Jubilee Centre for her dedication to character provision. 

As showcased in the 2020 Character Matters Campaign, Rebecca has been an invaluable link between the Centre and the delivery of the unique enriched, character-led school day since its founding.

Originally appointed as Senior Vice-Principal and Director of Character Education, Rebecca has been responsible for the delivery of Enrichment and Character Education at the UoB School since 2015. Rebecca has become a leading national figure in character education, speaking on the importance of prioritising virtue in education at several national forums, to industry as well as to dozens of visitors to the school from both across the UK and throughout the world.

In recognition of her exemplary work incorporating character as the foundation to all of the school’s activities, Rebecca was presented with the Jubilee Centre’s first Character Ambassador Award in January 2020 at the Centre’s annual conference at Oriel College, University of Oxford as well as being recognised as a ‘Birmingham Hero’ as part of the 2020 Character Matters Campaign