Teaching Character: Primary

Teaching Character Through the Primary Curriculum is a programme of study developed for Year 6 pupils (10-11 year olds) to aid in their transition to secondary school. This programme takes an approach of teaching character through eight different curriculum subjects; each subject focuses on one primary, and several secondary character virtues.

The programme allows teachers to be flexible, and can be taught throughout an inclusive school curriculum, any time in the academic year. It is recommended that all of the lessons are taught, so pupils have an understanding of all the virtues covered. The resources have been piloted and evaluated by different primary schools to ensure that they can be successfully administered within a primary school setting.

The resources are available for you to start using below. They include 8 curriculum subjects with accompanying Teacher's Notes, Resources for Pupils and Power Point slides, as well as a Virtue Toolkit for each of the 8 virtues explored. You can download the whole pack for each subject using the 'Download Pack' button, or download all of the resources for all of the stories via the link below.

An Evaluation Report detailing how the programme was developed, evaluated and trialled is available to read here.

You can read a blog post about this project- 'Character Education: it's a game of two halves' -by Mike Fullard on the Virtue Insight blog here.

You can read a related blog post about teachers as role models – 'Teachers as Role Models: a classroom quandary' here.

The Resources