Published Projects at the Jubilee Centre

Projects at the Jubilee Centre run over four phases, Gratitude BritainService Britain, Transformative Britain, and most recently, Celebration Britain. 

The Centre’s work in Gratitude BritainService Britain and Transformative Britain has explored key research questions around gratitude, service, virtues in public and professional life and how the development of good character can contribute to British society. Click on the images below to explore research published by the Centre.

To explore previous research in more depth then visit the About page for the Jubilee Journey exhibition which delves further into the Centre’s work since its creation in 2012.

virtues in the professions
character education

The current research phase, Celebration Britain (2021-2023), builds upon and extends this previous research and seeks to answer the following primary research questions:

  • What evidence is there that a neo-Aristotelian approach to character education works and how can this evidence be best celebrated and disseminated?
  • Where do ‘gaps’ exist in the existing Centre evidence base and how can these gaps be addressed through building on and extending the Centre’s existing evidence?
  • Why is developing a focus on the civic virtues necessary in the extension of character cultivation from individual schools and professions to society at large?
  • What new challenges and opportunities for character education are brought about by online and digital media, and what role might the concept of ‘cyber-phronesis’ play with regard to these.

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Other projects:

Global Innovations for Character Development Platform