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Perspectives on Character Education

Professor Marvin Berkowitz: Character and Leadership

Prof. Marvin Berkowitz, Co-Director of the Center for Character and Citizenship at the University of Missouri-St. Louis, has provided a series of short films on character and leadership which are now available as a resource on the Jubilee Centre’s website. Professor Marvin Berkowitz is an Honorary Senior Research Fellow at the Jubilee Centre and is an inaugural Sanford N. McDonnell Endowed Professor of Character Education.

The short films provide insight into Marvin’s career as a character educator, particularly in terms of delivering character in schools, and his experience of training and equipping school leaders for meaningful character provision in their schools. Each short film addresses an important aspect of character education, including the role of school leaders, teachers and parents, and the impact of a school’s approach to character on its pupils and staff.

All Centre films are available to view on the Jubilee Centre’s    Channel.

Effective Character-Based School Reform
The nature of how character education should be introduced and implemented in schools is discussed: How can this be implemented effectively? What are we trying to avoid in this process? How does this affect students?
If you are interested in ways to introduce character education to your school, the Jubilee Centre has recently published a CPD programme for teachers to aid them in becoming leaders in character education.
Leadership in Character Education
How does leadership affect character education in schools: Why is a leader in character education necessary? What will this achieve?
For teachers who are interested in becoming leaders in character education, the Jubilee Centre has recently published CPD resources which will guide them through this process.
Parents as Partners in Character Education
The connection between parents and character education: Should parents be a part of their children’s character education? What is the effect of parental involvement?
For more information on character education and the relationships between pupils, parents and teachers, see Jubilee Centre research on Parent-Teacher Partnerships.
Teachers and The Character Development of Pupils
The teacher and their involvement in character education: How do teachers contribute to character education? Do teachers influence pupils and their education?

‘The Good Teacher’ report further explores the virtues a good teacher might need and the role those virtues play in teaching.

The Effect of Character Education on School Staff
Exploring character education provision in relation to the school’s staff: What is the effect of this provision on staff? What environment is created when character education becomes part of school culture?
Findings from the Teacher Education Project provide further insight into the character perspectives of pre and in-service teachers.
The Evaluation and Outcomes of Character Education
Exploring the evaluation and outcomes associated with character education: Is evaluation and outcomes necessary in this field? How does this take shape within character education research?
The Jubilee Centre has produced an Evaluation Handbook for Schools which is designed to support schools in self-evaluation of their character education practices.