Character Education


Gratitude and Compassion in the Classroom


The teaching resources presented below offer classroom intervention intended to promote the virtues of compassion and gratitude in years 7 and 8. The intervention was piloted as part of the Gratitude and Related Character Virtues project.

The resources include a Teacher Handbook: Cultivating Compassion (Learning to Feel, Think and Behave Kindly Towards Others) and accompanying Student Workbook: The Good Samaritan both of which focus on the developing compassion in pupils. The Teacher Handbook: Growing Gratitude (Cultivating an Appreciative Outlook on Life) and accompanying Student Workbook: St Oscar’s Oscars present materials designed to cultivate the virtue of gratitude in the classroom. 

Some activities are short and have been designed with a view to their implementation in form time. Other activities require a longer session and could take place in PSHE lessons, English or drama lessons or any lesson where the form group is taught together.

You can download each resource by clicking on the images below: