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The Knightly Virtues

The Knightly Virtues Programme, designed to enhance virtue literacy through stories, has been incredibly popular with both teachers and students.  So far, over 20,000 primary school pupils have had access to the programme, making it one of the largest projects of its kind. The research project has now concluded, and the full report is available here.  The resources are available for you to start using below. They include 9 stories with accompanying Teacher’s Notes, Resources for Pupils and Power Point slides, as well as a Virtues Toolkit, which contains a toolkit activity for each of the 8 featured virtues in the programme.

You can download the whole pack for each story using the Download Pack button, or download all of the resources for all of the stories via the link below.

The Stories

Anne Frank


Don Quixote

El Cid

Gareth & Lynette

Joan of Arc

Merchant of Venice

Robin Hood

Rosa Parks

Please see below supporting materials and links to additional resources which teachers may be interested in if they are exploring some of the stories in greater detail. This is not an endorsement of the below links and texts; they are provided for reference and interest purposes.

The original Knightly Virtues project ran from 2012-2014. The Project Team consisted of James Arthur, Tom Harrison, David Carr, Aidan Thompson, Jenny Higgins, Danielle Wartnaby and Dan Hayes in the Jubilee Centre, as well as John Ryan, University of Birmingham, Paul Warwick, University of Leicester, Alice Warwick, Teacher and Consultant, and Jon Davison, Consultant.

The stories are retold by the Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues and Jon Davison.

We would like to thank all the teachers, young people and the project advisory group who helped us to create the teaching resources. Specifically, we would like to thank the following people who were involved:
Lynn Thompson, Retired Head Teacher and Consultant
Joe Pochodzaj, Designer
Lee Rogerson, Street Talk
The staff and students at St Bridget’s Primary School, Birmingham
The staff and students at Ilam Primary School, Derbyshire
All the young people, teachers and stakeholders who have used the materials to date (that's over 7,000 schools and 25,000 young people).

Below is an additional film about the project that was made during the pilot stage in Summer 2012.