More Than 700 Delegates Register for Jubilee Centre Webinars

31st March 2021Events Over 700 delegates registered for the first three Jubilee Centre webinars this year, with delegates attending from around the world.   These sessions have sought to offer insight, practical advice and accessible guidance on matters related to character in schools and in professional training, as well as answering questions on the delivery […]

Centre Appoints Lord James O’Shaughnessy as Senior Research Fellow

9th April 2021Announcements The Centre is delighted to announce that Lord James O’Shaughnessy is joining the team as a Senior Research Fellow. Lord O’Shaughnessy’s work at the Centre will focus on enhancing the Centre’s impact in the field of education. Prior to joining the Centre, Lord O’Shaughnessy was Director of Policy to the Prime Minister between […]

Centre Announces Series of Webinars in Collaboration with The Vatican

9th April 2021Events In collaboration with The Congregation for Catholic Education, Vatican, Rome, the Jubilee Centre presents a webinar series for University and School Staff entitled 'Fostering Personal and Social Virtues in Education'. This series of webinars is open to a diverse audience and will have an educational focus on character virtues. The aim is […]

Centre Celebrates ‘Leading Character Education in Schools’ CPD’s 1-Year Anniversary

12th April 2021Announcements The Centre has recently marked the 1-year anniversary of its ‘Leading Character Education in Schools’ CPD programme. Intended to address key questions often asked of those engaged in character education, notably ‘How do you do it?’ and ‘What does a School of Character look like?’, the programme provides a comprehensive overview of […]

New Report: ‘A Cyber-Wisdom Approach to Digital Citizenship Education’

13th April 2021Publications The Centre has recently published A Cyber-Wisdom Approach to Digital Citizenship Education: Insights from Adolescents and Parents. The report presents and compares key findings from two surveys which explored the extent to which both adolescents and parents understand the importance of, and act on, wisdom and character virtues in the digital age. […]

Character Educator in Focus: Gail Peyton

14th April 2021Blog This month’s Character Educator in Focus is Gail Peyton. Gail Peyton is a Regional Director for Primary Education in Birmingham, and a student on the MA Character Education programme. In this blog, Gail discusses how professional development focused on the character of the teacher might support teachers to fulfil their roles as […]

‘Character in the Corpus’: New Resource Series

15th April 2021Resources Character in the Corpus is a piece of work undertaken by Dr. Matthew Collins that considers the representation of character and virtues in the A-Level English curriculum. The series of blogs will be accompanied by some bespoke teaching resources which foreground the place of virtue language in novels that appear on the […]

New Insight Series Paper: ‘Character and Ofsted’

16th April 2021Publications Research Fellow Catherine O'Leary and Director of Strategic Initiatives Aidan Thompson have authored a new paper for the Centre’s Insight Series titled, 'Character and Ofsted: Considering the New Inspection Framework in Practice in 105 London School Reports'. The paper builds upon an earlier piece of research, available here, conducted by the same […]

Centre Congratulates Scott Parsons On PhD Completion

19th April 2021Announcements The Centre would like to congratulate Scott Parsons on the completion of his PhD in the Jubilee Centre, University of Birmingham. His doctorate was generously sponsored by a grant from the Kern Family Foundation. His thesis explores the development of moral reasoning in military cadets and was supervised by Professor Kristján Kristjánsson, […]

New Insight Series Paper: ‘Meritocracy and the Common Good’

29th April 2021Publications The Centre has recently published a new Insight Series paper, titled ‘Meritocracy and the Common Good’. Authored by Research Fellow Dr. David Civil, the paper discusses the state of meritocracy in contemporary liberal democracies. The widely shared post-war vision of a meritocratic social order, where power, status and rewards would be distributed according to a definition […]