Conferences and Events 2024

July 2024 Professor Tom Harrison Professor Andrew Peterson Professor Kristján Kristjánsson Dr. Shane McLoughlin June 2024 Professor Kristján Kristjánsson Dr Liz Gulliford Dr. Shane McLoughlin May 2024 Professor Kristján Kristjánsson Michael Fullard April 2024 Professor Tom Harrison and Dr. Shane McLoughlin Professor James Arthur Professor Andrew Peterson Dr. Shane McLoughlin March 2024 Professor Andrew Peterson […]

Recent Publications (2024)

Please see a below a list of the recent publications from the Jubilee Centre from 2024 July 2024 Professor Kristján Kristjánsson and Dr. Shane Mcloughlin have published an article entitled ‘Virtues as Protective Factors for Adolescent Mental Health’ as part of the Journal of Research on Adolescence. For more information, click here. June 2024 Professor […]