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16th June 2021Centre News Teachers

As an applied centre, how research is translated in to practical support, advice, activities and resources for teachers has always been of primary concern. This has been particularly true this last year with schools seeking to innovate in their delivery and help pupils develop beyond the cognitive and enhance those virtues that would help them response to the challenges they faced.

Since in the last year, since June 2020, there has been over 43,000 visits to the Jubilee Centre's teacher resources pages by almost 25,000 unique individuals, a 68% and 74% increase on the year before respectively.

While newer resources such as those published alongside our 2020 Character Matters Campaign (1,753 views / 425 downloads), the innovative KS1 story led set Read Grow Go (839 views / 129 downloads) and the Grateful Britain Thank You letter contest (775 views / 295 downloads) attracting new audiences and reengaging existing partners in new ways.

Produced with the support of the Kern Family foundation, The Character Curriculum continues to develop strongly, with among many strong measures 2,899 new and unique viewers up from 1,111 in the 12 months preceding, a 161% increase in activity. Downloads of these holistic resources also remained strong growing to 3,411 and interest on social media continued to perform well with the three posts related to the curriculum over the year garnering over 13,000 impressions and almost 500 engagements.

Beyond this success with more recent publications, many of our most established resource continue to enjoy popularity with teachers and educators. The Primary and Secondary Programmes of Study have in the last 12 months attracted almost 10,000 views between them as well as being downloaded over 7,500 times, a 47% increase in views and 32% increase in downloads. Such popularity means that even five years since publication they remain the Centre's 1st and 3rd most popular resources for schools.


As well as informing classroom practice, the Centre also recognises the value of establishing character throughout a whole school, cultivating an environment in which positive virtue traits can be both caught and sought. These more structural ambitions are of increase prominence for school leaders and it is perhaps unsurprising therefore that our A Framework for Character Education in Schools has seen a 116-fold increase in downloads by new users and had over 7,000 views this last year as schools seek to plan the most effective recovery.

Aiding this further is our research informed Evaluation Handbook For Schools which as of 31 May enjoyed a 21% increase in engagement over the previous year as well as the award winning, free, Online CPD programme, Leading Character Education in Schools, with interest increasing by over 30 percent to 6,200 views and the course welcoming its 2,000th learner, just one year since it was launched in March 2020.

The Jubilee Centre looks forward to continuing this support for teachers. schools and pupils throughout 2021 and beyond.

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