Outstanding Schools

Character Education and School Improvement All schools should offer explicit and implicit educational activities that help pupils to develop positive personal character strengths called virtues. It is virtues that sustain a well-rounded life, are fundamental to human flourishing and ensure a thriving society. Schools should aim to develop confident and compassionate pupils, who are effective contributors […]

Cultivating Cyber Phronesis

As part of the Celebration Britain research project, Cultivating Cyber-Phronesis, the Centre has developed a new cyber-wisdom education programme aimed to cultivate character and virtues, such as compassion and honesty, in 13-16 year olds in relation to how they use the internet. Designed to be delivered in schools, the four one-hour sessions include: discussions centred […]

The Knightly Virtues

The Knightly Virtues Programme, designed to enhance virtue literacy through stories, has been incredibly popular with both teachers and students.  So far, over 20,000 primary school pupils have had access to the programme, making it one of the largest projects of its kind. The research project has now concluded, and the full report is available […]

Thank You Letter Contest

Grateful Britain: Thank You Letter Contest The Jubilee Centre’s Grateful Britain: Thank You Contest for Schools offered pupils the chance to show gratitude to those who have helped them and others during the period since the UK’s lockdown began in March 2020 by writing a thank you letter to someone they believe has made a difference during the pandemic. Pupils […]

Teaching Character: Primary

Teaching Character Through the Primary Curriculum is a programme of study developed for Year 6 pupils (10-11 year olds) to aid in their transition to secondary school. This programme takes an approach of teaching character through eight different curriculum subjects; each subject focuses on one primary, and several secondary character virtues. The programme allows teachers […]

The Character Curriculum

  The Character Curriculum offers a full suite of materials for teaching virtues across all year groups through Key Stages 1 – 4 (ages 4-16). Each suite contains detailed lesson plans, accompanying PowerPoint slides and printable resources for each lesson. In addition, there are assembly plans, linked to the lesson topics, for each year group. These […]

My Character

The My Character Feasibility Study ran from May 2011 to April 2014 involving over 1,000 young people throughout the country. While the My Character research has now concluded, the resources are available to schools for free. The aim of the project was to develop a better understanding of how interventions designed to develop character might […]

Character Matters Resources

As pupils return to school for the first time since the UK’s lockdown started in March, the Jubilee Centre has developed a series of classroom resources that engage with the Centre’s Character Matters Campaign, which investigates the ways in which we are helping children to identify and practise good character.  Below are teacher lesson plans designed specifically for […]

Flourishing from the Margins

The Flourishing from the Margins resources have been designed to help young people to think about living a ‘good life’ and being a ‘good’ person, and the character strengths they feel that they need to do so. The resources were designed and trialled for use in non-mainstream education settings and are separated into 5 units. Each unit […]

Virtue, Vice and Verse

The Schools of Virtue project explored character education and modes of delivery across a range of sources. One of these was a project which created resources for use with lower secondary pupils to explore character and virtue literacy through poetry, in a project called Virtue, Vice and Verse. The project is trialling 6 lessons, which focus on different […]